Granulox® – No oxygen. No life. No healing.

Suffering with a painful chronic wound – This is the reality for millions of people around the world. There is a very high probability that their chronic wounds are hypoxic, and therefore lack one key element required for healing – Oxygen. Granulox® is the first dressing to significantly improve oxygen supply to wounds with poor blood supply, and thereby decisively accelerating or kick-starting the wound healing process. Learn more about the outstanding advantages of Granulox®.

At a glance

Granulox-At a glance

Granulox® is a haemoglobin spray to support the healing of both chronic and acute wounds. Find the most important product information at a glance.

Mode of action

Granulox-Mode of action

Granulox® is a unique wound oxygenizer. It transports oxygen from the surrounding air down to the wound bed. Learn more about the mode of action.



Handling the spray can is easy: With just three steps reqiured Granulox® treatmen is simple and fast. Here we explain the application process step by step.



Here you will find a considerable number of scientifically validated studies and clinical case reports, impressive proof of the unique efficacy of Granulox®.



Thousands of wounds have already been successfully treated with Granulox®. Each case has its own story to tell. Discover the experiences of patients, relatives and wound experts.



Do you have questions about Granulox®? Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions. If you have further questions please contact us.



Welcome to the world of Granulox®, the innovative solution for accelerated wound healing. Learn more about the wound oxygenizer in our brief films and video clips.



In our download area we have made available the most important and useful documents including product brochures, user guidance, and spraying instructions.

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