Living with a chronic wound?


Granulox® provides these wounds with the oxygen required to break the chronic condition - and accelerates wound healing by an average of 50 % over current gold-standard treatments.

Suffering within a stagnating healing process?


Over 50,000 patients in more than 40 countries around the world have successfully been treated with Granulox®: their wound healing process was dramatically improved, and their quality of life enhanced tremendously.

Simple in its application


Granulox® is available in a practical and easy-to-use spray bottle. It sprays evenly in all directions from every position, especially useful for hard to reach areas. After application, the well-tolerated hemoglobin spray is active for up to 72 hours.


The revolutionary wound healing duo Granulox® and Granudacyn®

Before Granulox® can be applied, a debridement and cleansing of the wound is necessary. The wound irrigation solution Granudacyn® is fully compatible with use and application of Granulox® and destroys microorganisms by a completely natural, physical process.



Granulox offers a variety of advantages that effectively supports wound healing.
Find the most important advantages at a glance, for further information please click here.

Shortened treatment times by an average of 50%

Woud size reduction by an average of 53% (after 13 weeks)

Increase in O2 saturation to 78.8% 20 minutes after application

Substantial reduction in total treatment costs of 23%

Reduction of slough and exudate

Decreasing pain level

Convenient application that lasts for 72 hours

Compatible with many breathable dressings


Patients suffering with chronic wounds require professional and optimal care. Our portfolio offers optimal and innovative wound healing products which can be used and adapted to the individual healing requirements of each patient.

GRANUDACYN wound irrgation solution
wound irrgation solution
GRANUDACYN wound gel
wound gel
GRANUDACYN wound irrgation solution

Granudacyn® wound irrgation solution

Hypochlorous acid is deadly for microorganisms but completely safe for human tissue and this makes Granudacyn® an effective wound irrigation solution. Proliferation of micro-organisms can be safely revented. The mechanical effect of hypochlorous acid ensures a thorough cleaning of the wound. In addition, unpleasant wound odours are rapidly eliminated.

GRANUDACYN wound gel

Granudacyn® wound gel

Granudacyn® wound gel is a stabilized, hydro active, amorphous gel for rehydration of necrotic and fi brinous tissue. It supports autolytic debridement and creates a physiological wound-healing environment. Granudacyn® wound gel is well tolerated, it can be safely used on exposed bone, tendons and ligaments.




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